Scivolare Kitchen
kitchen design is a solution which can change the concept of saving space, time and money.
Kitchens are undeniably the heart of today’s homes so, understandably, people want their kitchen to look its best. But often, people confuse why it’s worth investing in a good kitchen? Over half the amount of space in an apartment/house is acquired by the kitchen. Looking at the changing trends in the lifestyle of people from metropolitan capitals like Mumbai, Pune and some others like Indonesia; the need to minimise the space has now become the priority of the designers and architects. But its difficult prioritising between space and utility. Scivolare does the job without compromising both, it minimises the space and maximises the utility.A simple looking showcase or furniture unit gets transformed into a completely functional modular kitchen, called Scivolare. This compact kitchen can fit into a single wall of any room, thus a kitchen space can be utilised for a study room or a bedroom. This way 1BHK apartments can have the benefit of being able to make a 2BHK apartment and so on