OM Remote Monitoring System
An EKG smart bracelet, to prevent avoidable heart failures.
We have developed a remote monitoring system with docking and bracelets that measure medical data with medical accuracy, and in case of an emergency, launches an immediate request for assistance to the designated person or institution. Our built-in sensor, in case of falling and subsequent motion, sends an automatic alarm to the dispatcher service. Our system is designed to relieve healthcare. When an alarm is triggered, help arrives with accurate information for quick help. The supervisor system uses unique algorithms and artificial intelligence built in the wristband bracelet to measure and record medical quality data worldwide. We have installed an ECG microchip in our bracelet, so we are able to measure the clinically accepted Einthoven-I lead. Data is evaluated in real-time along personalized parameters, so that we can predict several fatal cardiological diseases, eg. sudden cardiac death, stroke risk. No need for a smart phone.