Rent instead of buying.
Hygglo is a service that started in 2016 with the simple motto: "Things to use". We believe that the sharing economy has just started and that it can have a positive global impact on the environment. With Hygglo you can both benefit from renting out the things you do not use every day and also renting things you need when you need them. Advertising on Hygglo is completely free and everything is insured! When you rent out you retain 80% of the amount - Hygglo handles insurance, payment and verification via BankID. Everything is insured, a protection for both the people who rent and the person who rents. Everyone is verified, Hygglo is safe, everyone is verified with BankID. Support 24/7, phone, chat, or email, we try to solve everything! Answer within 15 minutes, most people respond very quickly so you don't have to wait!