Ancient materials return to the lives of young people, and people return to the natural environment.
Rattan as a durable and environmentally friendly material,was used in luggage 100 years ago. "Nanhai rattan weaving culture" needs to be recognized by young people again,because it is China's intangible cultural heritage. The old materials return to the young people's life,no longer use the plastic that pollutes the environment, let people return to the natural environment again. Culture should not be considered old,but a fashion, fashionable things are more easily accepted by young people, so this is a good way to spread cultural stories. The project is designed to meet the short-term travel and surrounding travel of young users. It has personality because the user can change its shape and can change its capacity according to the needs. Convenient adjustable buckles allow users to pack items quickly and at will. More importantly, the product is a carrier that can spread cultural stories and environmental awareness.