How To Feed The Hunger World?
By 2050, the world population will reach 9 billion people. The traditional livestock farming can not keep up with the growth resulting in an estimated shortage of 60 million ton protein per year from 2025. While the land is shrinking and water is becoming a scarce resource, the world is thirsty for a more efficient and sustainable food source. Crickets are regular diet of more than 2 billion people worldwide. Crickets are rich in nutrients, especially in high quality protein containing all essential amino acids, low in total fats with good balance of saturated and un-saturated fats, and free from pesticide and antibiotics. To produce the same amount of beef, cricket consumes 10x less feed, 100x less GHG, 100x less time, 200x less land, and 2000x less water. At Cricket One, we understand the struggling of poor farmers and commit to work together to improve their livelihood. We lease out the integrated container unit so that farmers can utilize their agricultural by-products.