O-WIND, Omnidirectional Wind Turbine
Allows people to generate their own electricity in apartments for the first time. (Patent pending).
The O-Wind Turbine is an Omnidirectional Wind Turbine capable of generating electricity from winds in any direction (vertical, diagonal and horizontal), which makes it the first technology capable of facing turbulent winds in building facades. Unlike traditional turbines that only work with horizontal winds, its particular geometry enables it to rotate over a single axis always in the same sense by using winds coming from any direction, allowing a more continuous operation and maximizing the energy generation. The O-Wind will allow people living in 1.3bn apartments worldwide, to individually generate their own electricity for the first time, giving them the chance of contributing to the environment, having a degree of energy independence and saving money. Prototypes are being tested with different materials, the latest of which is recycled ABS (main image); this prototype is currently being exposed at the Science Museum in London.