Sowsense is a 4-part system designed to prevent piglet crushing by sows (mother pigs) on outdoor farms during the first crucial 72 hours of a piglet’s life. Pressure sensors in the Sowsense coat activate by a tilt sensor when the sow rolls onto her side to feed her young and are coded to recognise the signature pressure and thermal relations of a piglet when trapped. Once a piglet is detected, an alarm ear tag startles the sow by emitting a high-pitched noise (equivalent of an electric shock) which makes her get off the trapped piglet, allowing it to escape to safety. This will be repeated and intensified 3 times if the sow does not respond before an alert if sent to the farmer. Over time the sow will learn to associate the noise with a piglet underneath and train her to be aware of where her babies are before she lies down. The coat covers main squashing areas, especially the shoulder where most occur.