VR Rehab
Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Platform
In order to be in line with the increasing demands for qualitative training, while reducing costs, we have developed a VR rehabilitation tool based on the following 4 factors, which we believe are essential for successful rehabilitation: Intensity, Motivation, Data-Driven, Therapeutic Methods. VR-Rehab's vision is to create Denmark's leading VR rehabilitation platform. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly rehabilitation tool that makes it easy for both municipalities and private to use VR rehabilitation on all their citizen groups. The program consists of a virtual ADL program in VR, focused kitchen training activities, including making coffee, and sorting shopping items. All activities are designed to challenge the citizen both cognitively and physically. The citizens' progress is measured by evaluating the training sessions, which can be saved as documentation and visualized, so that therapists and the citizens easily get an overview of progress in relation to the training plan.