The Soulfull Project
For every serving purchased, we provide a serving of our 4 grain hot cereal, to a regional food bank
Just over a year ago, we were working for Campbell Soup Company, meeting with families in their homes in Texas to learn about the food they eat. We went into this one house that was empty with the exception of a thread barren couch and an old TV. Sitting on the couch was a mother and her 3 kids and there was no food in the house. We left their home, promising ourselves we would do something to help that family, more than offering just extra money and food. As time went by, nothing was done and life got in the way till one night a family knocked on our door asking for food and we were reminded. That night, The Soulfull Project was born. Today, we’re making good quality, NON GMO, clean label food that tastes amazing. And we’re making it available to everyone—regardless of social or economic status. For every serving of The Soulfull Project’s hot cereal purchased we donate a serving of our 4 Grain cereal to a food bank in your region. A serving for a serving. Back to your community.