Museum of Mars Waters
Zone of mars. Water Zone. The space of the deep universe.
The author was inspired by alchemical symbols and a sign from the book of L.I. Kapusta. The symbol of Mars has become dominant. A glowing circle formed a space. Below it is a model of the territory of the Marsovny Waters, which is located on conditional piles with backlight (which refers to the history of the place). In another hall, on the contrary, it forms the space - the Triangle glowing - the symbol of water from the alchemical sign, under it Peter I. Peter symbolizes Mars, who came to the territory, to solve military tasks. He discovered water, extracting iron. Several symbols appear: Peter I, Mars under the Sign of Water, since it was Peter who found the water and began to popularize it. On cons: Circle and Triangle are Two Visual Keys, viewed from the entrance, which are located opposite each other and are visible from different spaces. Layout under the symbol of Mars. Thus, Water is shown under Mars. System of transparent pipes with water. And the spatial effect around.