Empowering micro-entrepreneurs through business tools in mobile devices.
Our first application is Tiendatek, a point-of-sale system for shopkeepers with more than 30,000 products and prices preloaded that helps them better manage their inventory and improve their profits. All of the information entered into the tablet synchronizes wirelessly with our servers so that we can provide both shopkeepers and their suppliers with real-time reporting, analytics, and personalized services. Our algorithms load, clean and aggregate data from more than 1,500 shops in the cloud in real time. Our database fuels a customizable Analytics tool that can provide detailed answers to critical business questions. With Frogtek Analytics you can now evaluate promotions, launches and understand your competitive position, in full detail. Customized electronic surveys can be sent throughout the panel of shops. Behavioral segmentation of shop customers will then be possible for the first time. The traditional channel is finally being illuminated.