TOMI For All: Empowering smart inclusive cities
TOMI ensures that everyone with disabilities can look for the city’s information and services.
TOMI is an innovative urban interactive solution that provides all information that matters in the right place at the right time. Since the creation of TOMI, we were always looking for ways we could design to improve life. Developing our smart city solution into a powerful innovation that can enhance the life of the citizens was our top priority. With the ‘Design for All’ concept in mind, we designed an accessible platform for all. For people with disabilities, is a daily problem not being able to access information or services as anyone else and now TOMI provides this opportunity in ways tailored to their needs. The new evolutions of the platform include an accessibility mode for citizens in wheelchairs. Blind people can interact with TOMI autonomously by touching the screen and hearing the content. For the hearing impaired, there are interactive sign language videos explaining how to use TOMI. And we also optimized content to be easier to understand.