Bra whose structure suggests to the users the correct movements for breast self-examination.
The whole premise of Palpatine is to enable a high level of body awareness from an early age, it encourages us to be aware of the changes happening in our body and to be on the lookout for red flags that might indicate health concerns. The only way to better understand our own female health is to touch, feel and examine. Palpatine is designed to grow and reshape with you, the body is similar, its elasticity, change and shrinkage is its own way of communicating with you how it feels and what it might need. To better perform the self examination we incorporated instructions inside of the bra to better guide the user through the exam. Palpatine is not a medical device but rather a helper. We chose a bra because we see it is an item of daily use and it has become a basic essential in the life of everyday women, no matter sex, age or size. We want Palpatine to become a symbol for self care, and make the user excited to wear it, for she wears her health and knowledge of herself with pride.