Drowzee develops a unique solution based on neurotechnology to help people with sleep deprivation.
The two founders have direct and indirect experience with the problem and started developing the solution during their master's degree in business development. The design is inspired by the idea of making drug-free, easy to use, and highly available solutions to combat sleep deprivation. The product allows the users to strengthen their brain's natural ability to fall asleep by enabling them to enhance and discover new neural pathways through an exercise called neurofeedback. When the product is placed on the user's head it automatically measures brain activity. The signals are then processed and analysed by Drowzee's unique algorithm. The disrepancy between current state of mind and the desired one is measured. The user's are then provided an audio feedback to help them reach the desired state. This let's the users exercise the neural pathways associated with shorter sleep onset, thus strengthening their natural ability to fall asleep.