Green Toys
We transform recycled milk jugs into imaginative playthings.
We sketch, develop 2D drawings and 3D CAD, and create 3D models integrating a subtle sophistication at every step along the way. Once we are sure we have the right recipe, we marry it with our process of using sustainable materials. Our products demonstrate that recycling can result in something tangible and meaningful – old can become new. Our toys are living proof that milk jugs, just like the ones in your refrigerator and recycling bin, can ultimately end up back in your playroom. This helps close the loop for kids because they can see their own environmental efforts in action. While recycled milk jugs are the primary ingredient in our toys, we sometimes integrate other types of recycled plastic (think yogurt cups!) when needed to ensure we’re creating the best products possible. All the plastic is collected by waste management, cleaned, shredded into flakes, reprocessed into our raw material, and mixed with food-safe, mineral-based coloring.