Box Playground
Box Playground brings joy by simple design and use of affordable and natural materials.
Purpose: ?The purpose behind the Box playground-project was simple. I wanted to show how clever design and use of affordable and natural materials can bring joy to a post-civil war neighbourhood and activate the local residents. The idea behind the design: From a design point of view traditional playgrounds in the Balkans are boring; metal and plastic and consumer products. I wanted to inspire people to think outside the box. I wanted to inspire children to play in untraditional ways and to create their own kind of games and ways of playing. Building with natural materials is more affordable and more sustainable. The building process: The project consisted of two fases: designing the look of the playground and designing the process of how I could build this and it in which order should the things be done – how to design a playground that could be self-financed and self-build in only five days.