Foldable Drone
A morphing quadrator that can squeeze and fly like a bird
Drones are great tools in search and rescue operations, damage area assessments, etc. Drones offer people the ability to fly into areas that may be dubbed too dangerous for humans. However, drones are not perfect because of their limited ability to move in the air. Taking inspiration from the flight abilities of birds, University of Zurich researchers have innovated drone technology even further. In nature when a bird flies through a narrow passage or abstract opening, the animal can instantly contort its wings to fit the area while in flight. Until now, if you were to attempt to get a drone through a tight spot, you would have to change the size of the drone to fit through the hole. Though not as elegantly done as in nature, the UZH ’s drone can morph and contort its four arms to adapt to the environment, all while maintaining flight stability, carrying small payloads and analyzing the surrounding area.