The Climate Tile
a green and scalable climate adaption system adding qualities to our dense cities
Climate change is pushing the boundaries in our cities. The Climate Tile rethinks sidewalks as water management systems and allows the water to run down into an integrated and underground water handling system. The tiles are peppered with a system of holes, tunnels and ridges that collect and manage rainwater, funneling it away from sidewalks to a preferred use like irrigating nearby plantings. The system reintroduces the natural water circuit and urban microclimate comfort by using trees and plants directly as hydraulic recipient. The tile generates added value for citizens and raises the level of life quality and general health within the city. The project is seen largely as an inclusive solution in synergy with both roads, bike paths, signage, urban furniture, urban nature and more. The scaling potential of the product is comprehensive. Only in Copenhagen we have 700 km of sidewalks and in New York they have 20.000 km. A pilot sidewalk was inaugurated in September in Copenhagen.