OSSH , Safety Luminous Handles For Fire-Doors
OSSH is a SAFETY luminous handle system for fire doors indicating escape routes.
OSSH© is a system of handles for fire-doors which light up in critical conditions to provide informations with the colour of light . When during a fire the Emergency Shut Down system closes fire-doors of the hazard fire zone, handles on the fire side light up green to allow panicking people to instantly identify the best escape routes and to reach safety.The green light of the handle will act as a safety signal in addition to the LLL, but , unlike the LLL , will indicate the actual best escape routes . In case of fire it is advisable to crawl on the floor where smoke is more rarefied, the design of the handle is such to provide visibility and a better grip from the ground to locate the door and open it.Diversely, the handles on the opposite side of the fire area light up red to indicate a fire is under way and to prevent the door being opened ,further oxygen feeding the fire and stop smoke and fire from invading other areas.