Assist mothers with problems and discomfort associated with infant feeding and extended nursing
Worn over the arm Mamma-pillo is an environmentally friendly multi-purpose nursing support pillow designed to gently support babies head and neck during feeding sessions and to elevate bub into an optimal feeding position without the need for lifting and holding. Mamma-pillo helps combat gas, reflux and regurgitation and assists mothers with the problems and discomfort usually associated with infant feeding and extended nursing. Mamma-pillo is a unique Australian design with removable and interchangeable covers. For hygiene reasons Mamma-pillo is comprised of 4 separate machine washable components. An outer cover, a twin pillow case and two pillow inserts. There are no zips, belts, buttons, domes or any kind of interconnected device/material used or required for its use. Mamma-pillo is committed to environmental sustainability and uses ECO friendly and sustainable fibre fills and materials.