Woobi Play
An ultra-protective, educational mask solution that provides clean air for kids in polluted areas.
In 2016, Unicef reported that 300 million children were living in areas with the highest recorded levels of toxic air pollution. Woobi Play is an ultra-protective anti-pollution mask for kids that uses the same HEPA filter solution as in professional industrial masks, filtering at least 95% of airborne particulate matter. Designed to meet kids at eye level with a playful, educational approach, Woobi Play’s characteristic asymmetric design DNA and translucent, medical-grade silicone structure achieves high-performance protection while remaining sensitive to the social needs of its users. It comes disassembled and with a manual, encouraging kids to put the parts together themselves. This helps them to understand the product’s functionality and encourages a dialogue on pollution between kids and caregivers. The different coloured parts simplify communication around the product, and also allow kids to customise the mask, giving them a sense of ownership and autonomy over their own safety.