d: a global design community for a sustainble future
d: is to form a global designer community which is to help local producers to do innovation.
Climate change is a most significant global problem, and we need a circular economy to deal with this issue. Local production and use of the products can form small loop consumption which is an essential strategy for the circular economy, but many local productions in the undeveloped area are disappearing because they don't have resources to do innovation.d: is a digital platform where designers can use the intercultural advantage to do innovations with small and good local producers as a part time job. The producers can use the platform to promote local products to form a long-term sustainable consumption.The website of the d: platform has a culture board to attract designers to work with local production and make the public know the unique local products, culture, and lifestyle.The app of d: has an intercultural design tool to enable a global team to use the intercultural advantage to do innovation effectively with local production as part-time.