A cooking stove kit suited for poverty and disaster-stricken areas — easy, green, cheap.
The Cooking Stove Kit was optimized for poverty and disaster-stricken areas. Easy, so anyone, anywhere can assemble it in minutes: The kit only includes a carton and a little bag with clay powder. A few illustrated assembly instructions on the carton override any language barrier or even illiteracy. The stove is ready to use as soon as construction is finished. Ecological, the CSK has minimal environmental impact: The CSK’s structure maximizes kindling exploitation, thus minimizes exhausting kindling resources and air pollution. Made of local soil, the stove would not stand out visually, and, once abandoned, would naturally dissolve because of exposure to wind and rain. Additionally, no need to waste drinking water when assembling the oven; even waste water can be used — those high temperatures would neutralize anything! Cheap, allowing mass production and distribution: Negligible production cost facilitates mass production, while the kit’s size and weight make it easy to distribute.