The Curve
The TripAdvisor of Energy
LOCATION London, UK DATE OF PUBLICATION: 26 OCTOBER 2016 Robin Chase, the founder of Zipcar once said: “Everything that can become a platform will become a platform.” The Curve couldn’t agree more, quoting the transportation entrepreneur when we asked about their belief in the power of platforms. Jim Woods, CEO at The Crowd (the sustainability think tank behind the Curve), makes no secret of the fact that in 2014 he set out to build the “TripAdvisor for energy management”. He wants to do to energy what Airbnb has done to home stays, Uber for taxi drivers and TripAdvisor to the travel market – the ability to run through a list, learning from others to check you haven’t missed possible energy investments. “We estimate that over 40 percent of commercially-attractive energy projects, which we define as having a better return than an organisation’s core business, are unrealised each year,’ he tells us. “These projects are largely synonymous with carbon reduction activities.