Fair trade cotton in Egypt
While Egyptian cotton is largely GMO-free, the aim is to make sure it remains so, but bringing cotton production in line with even minimally acceptable environmental standards is a challenging task. That’s why Italian yarn producer Filmar, a long-time buyer of cotton from Egypt, has created a new fair trade project in collaboration with Alexbank of Intesa San Paolo Group and the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture. The Cottonforlife initiative is a five-year programme between Brescia and Cairo to support Egyptian farmers in the local organic cultivation of Giza 45, and its valuable sibling Giza 87, to boost its business and help local communities. They are the most highly graded cotton fibres of the Egyptian cottons – the longest, thinnest, strongest and most uniform. Cottonforlife makes sure to support local agricultural communities too – especially women (who make up the largest share of cotton pickers) and young people. Together with the Ministry of Technical Education, mothers are enc