Dazin Spark
Dazin provides a sustainable and secure oven-design integrating the people endangered by open fires.
Dazin developed a business model, applicable to rural areas which still rely on open fires for cooking and heating, principally in Bhutan and South-India. It provides sustainable ovens for the exchange of forestry wood waste. This waste is compressed to fuel cookies at the rural collective points and distributed to the people engaged in the business circle for their collection of forestry wood waste for free. The idea is based on a financially sustainable business model, i.e. the distribution of surplus fuel cookies on urban markets finances the free provision of stoves and building of collection points in rural areas. The system addresses people affected by open fires; they are not only in danger of being taken ill of respiratory diseases but also of cancer. This concerns all inhabitants of households using open fires for heating and cooking and especially women - in charge of cooking and doing the household - and children - spending considerable time at home.