Good Vision Glasses
An NGO programme providing $1 glasses for children in Malawi.
People in Malawi with poor eyesight are now seeing the world in sharper focus thanks to project which produces inexpensive glasses. It's also creating much-needed jobs. GOOD VISION GLASSES are produced locally at GOOD VISION CAMP in Zomba/Malawi on specially designed bending machines. This bending machine is unique and developed in Germany. The frames consist of a lightweight, rust free, antiallergic and flexible spring steel wire and the lenses of hardened polycarbonate. The frames are available in three sizes and many different colors and with or without colorful beads. These glasses can only be prescribed by authorized and certified personnel. They are available from -6 to +6 diopters. You can use these Glasses to improve seeing at a far distance and / or when reading. A single pair of glasses costs approx. 94 cents.