Curio2 is a spirometer providing better usability and data management for children with lung disease
Lung disease affects over 7 million children in the US. The proper monitoring and tracking of lung health can be a critical tool in managing the health of affected children. While there are a variety of spirometers for clinical and home use, current offerings lack kid-friendly ergonomics, intuitive controls, and clear information presentation. Curio2 takes a new approach by paring a friendly spirometer design with a companion mobile app that provides better usability, customization, and data management. With a compact and intuitive design, Curio2 syncs with the companion app to test and document lung capacity. Designed as a home solution, Curio2 helps parents easily and accurately monitor their child’s lung health. Curio2 features a modular design that allows for painless cleaning, as well as a compact, unobtrusive form factor for travel or storage.