Guard band
A system that helps protect children from abuse and observes their health.
The Guard-band product is the system that helps in protecting children from abuse and observing their health. Moreover, the system also helps organizations to connect with benefactors in order to support children,for example in finance. The system consists of three parts. The first part is a band which will be wearied by children and also water-resistant. The band is used to collect datum about the user’s health and location, and audial datum. These datum will be transmitted to the second part which is a server. Charity organization will use these datum to observer the user’s condition so that the organization can protect children whether they are in danger. These band will receive GPS signal from the server. In addition, charity organization can find helps from benefactors by sharing the condition of the children in need. Some information of the children will update in the third part, the app which will be generally used. However, children’s private information will be hidden.