Project Natick
Seeks to understand the benefits & difficulties in deploying subsea datacenters worldwide
Project Natick is a research project to design, manufacture, and successfully operate a fully recyclable, zero-emission underwater data center. A prototype was placed on the seafloor off the Pacific coast of the United States in 2015. This kind of data center would be long-lived, reliable, and require no human supervision for five years before being retrieved, the computers replaced, and redeployed. Cloud computing continues to grow in importance, both as a driver of economic growth and as a consumer of global resources. Project Natick is focused on a cloud future that can help better serve customers in areas which are near large bodies of water (where nearly 50% of society resides). The vision of operating containerized datacenters offshore near major population centers anticipates a highly interactive future requiring data resources located close to users. Deepwater deployment offers ready access to cooling, renewable power sources, and a controlled environment.