Q-talks addresses the increased Loneliness and lack of Empathy and the need for Human Conversations
Social networking has diminished our capacity for Empathy in the Western World. Technology has advanced; globalization has brought us closer, yet we have never felt so disconnected. The gap between Loneliness and Lack of Empathy is becoming a huge problem to solve, and we are developing a culture where people prefer closed-circuit texting rather than real-life talking. This results in difficulty navigating human conversations and increased isolation despite the rapid development in social networking. Because ideas are not cultivated and narcissism flourishes, undreamt opportunities to connect with the world are crushed. In a world of total connectivity, opinions and people are discarded without a glance at the real value. Q-talks wants to change that: It is a modern app solution where you can share your interests with others through real human conversations. It is a platform to reflect, discover and share. You will be able to talk anonymously and randomize in groups of max four people.