Het Nieuwe Kiezen
An initiative for a modular electoral system
Research shows that half of Dutch people are dissatisfied with politic. People want more say and control. Yet the current electoral system has been unchanged since 1918. The organization "Het Nieuwe Kiezen" or The New Dial - thinks it's high time for a new electoral system. The New Dial is an initiative for a modular electoral system. Instead of full voice to give one party, choose a theme for the position of the party that suits you. Instead of focusing on the party or the person, this method let's you focus on the content. A diversity in choices leads to greater participation and involvement. The purpose of the New Dial is initiating a cultural change. Both in politics and in the electoratal system. In the new system, you agree not to politicians, but to positions. By focusing on the content as a voter, the political parties would be forced to also focus on the content, rather than ideology and populism. This also ensures that the voter has to orient themselves on the content.