Signet Stamp
A concept which makes shipping as easy as texting or emailing
Signet is a concept, developed by a small team of designers at Ziba, to transform personal shipping by moving the data component online. By turning address entry, shipping method, payment, notifications and confirmations--which are all just bits of data--into digital interactions, it creates a more flexible shipping system, where you can redirect a shipment by tapping your smartphone during lunch, or split the cost with a recipient by clicking a tab. It also brings delight back to shipping. Since the information is digital, a sender only needs to do one thing in the physical world: mark the letter or package with a unique identifier, and set it out. The Signet stamp and are designed to celebrate the moment of shipping, and the new process means you're sending your parcel to a person, not a place. With Signet, missed and unexpected deliveries become a thing of the past. And it expands the market, by making small, impulse shipments as easy and commonplace as a text or email.