Coradia iLint
A full emission-free train - a so-called 'hydrail'
Coradia iLint is an advanced full emission-free train solution for passenger rail transportation. It is based on Alstom’s successful Coradia Lint regional platform. The traction system of Coradia iLint is using fuel cells which produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen to water. Alstom is the first rail manufacturer worldwide to develop a lowfloor passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The Coradia iLint only emits excess steam into the atmosphere, and provides an alternative to the country’s 4,000 diesel trains. The iLint is powered by huge lithium-ion batteries, and these get their energy from a hydrogen fuel tank on the roof of the train. The hydrail can travel almost 500 miles per day at speeds of up to 87mph, and the only sound it gives off comes from the wheels and air resistance.