Capital of Children - Billund City Vision
A radical city vision for Billund that puts children and play at the centre of creative urban design
The Billund City Vision is a radical urban and cultural planning proposal that aims to create a town designed for and by children - expressed in a 400 page long graphic novel. This powerful idea turns around modern urban design concepts by looking at cities from a child’s perspective, and it is based on thorough mapping of the existing cultural and spatial qualities and challenges of Billund. The making of the vision has involved extensive dialogue with citizens, employees and business actors – and notably children - in Billund. Furthermore, local and international trends for family patterns, settlement, infrastructure, business development, workplace development, and tourism have been analysed. By creating new central connections for children and experiences in the city centre, the ambition is to concentrate and reinforce urban life in urban spaces and to create a green, safe, and pedestrian friendly city, where children has optimal opportunities to play, learn and be creative.