Starship Technologies
Land drones makes delivery available for everyone at only 1$ per trip
Soon, you won’t only have to look up to spot a drone, you’ll see them on the sidewalk, because this land drone from Starship Technologies is almost ready to start making deliveries. In the U.S., Starship Technologies has gained approval from the Washington, D.C., Department of Transportation to begin tests of the drone. Given that D.C. is a “no-fly zone” for airborne drones, Starship’s option appears to be a solution to that problem. It is the first ever approved test for ground-based drones anywhere in the U.S. Starship hopes that the results of the pilot program will herald in a new era of drone delivery that may cost as little as $1 per trip to run. In areas where drones can’t fly, this would be the only way to make automated delivery feasible. This could help a lot of people who doesn't have the ability to leave their houses to buy groceries or even medication. At 1$ per trip, this could make delivery available for almost everyone.