Get clear, concise summaries of bills going through Congress, see what others think, and take action
Why does it have to be so hard to understand what our lawmakers are up to? With Countable, it doesn’t. Countable makes it quick and easy to understand the laws Congress is considering. We also streamline the process of contacting your lawmaker, so you can tell them how you want them to vote on bills under consideration. You can use Countable to: Read clear and succinct summaries of upcoming and active legislation. Directly tell your lawmakers how to vote on those bills by clicking “Yea” or “Nay”. Follow up on how your elected officials voted on bills, so you can hold them accountable in the next election cycle. When you vote on legislation, we send an automatic message to your lawmaker. You can customize these messages by following the prompt after you vote. We also send your contact information so your lawmaker (or more likely, their staffers) can verify that you live in their district. We believe that most representatives will respond to your messages.