Soil Chain System
Ecological engineering for reducing green-house gases emission and eliminating carbon footprint.
Soil Chain™ is an invention combines global practices of Mechanical Stabilize Earth, Geo-technical, Environmental, Bio-engineering which allow various kinds of permanent structure to be construct without using conventional hard material or substance that cause chemical reaction. It is a truly Eco-engineering capable to construct civil structures with shear strength for supporting lateral earth pressure, earth retaining, erosion protection or control on both earth embankment and even areas where land and water meets. System further maintain bio-diversity, protects wildlife habitats, while its construction process helps to reduce green-house gases emission, carbon footprint, wastage of nature resources and other environmental issues cause by those conventional construction. It is an ambitious invention designed to enhance existing human's living while mitigating climate conditions for our future, through carbon sinking effects and return Eco-structure back to the mother nature..Earth!