Life saving dot
The bindi delivering much-needed iodine to impoverished women in India.
Women in India traditionally wear a bindi — a small dot between the eyebrows — for religious purposes or to show they're married, but it's grown in popularity among all women. Talwar Bindi's Life Saving Dot has an even higher purpose: vital health. The Live Saving Dot is coated with iodine and delivers the recommended amount of 150-220 micrograms of the nutrient daily to poor women in India, where approximately 350 million people are at risk for iodine deficiency. A lack iodine can cause a number of health problems, especially during a woman's pregnancy. Iodine can be absorbed through the skin, and the Life Saving Dot would be a particularly low-cost nutritional supplement — it costs only 10 rupees, or 16 cents, for a packet of 30 bindis. It has been distributed to women across rural India through health camps and clinics in several villages.