My UV patch
Free UV exposure NFC patch for sun protection and prevention.
L’oréal and PCH launched ‘my UV patch’, an introduction to stretchable skin sensors designed to monitor ultraviolet exposure and help users educate themselves about sun protection. To address the rise in sun exposure related illnesses, L’oréal introduced a patch with an transparent adhesive that, unlike rigid wearables currently on the market, stretches and attaches directly to any of skin that users want to monitor. Overexposure can cause premature ageing, wrinkles, and other skin problems. At worst, it may contribute to skin cancer. Using the right products — which L’Oréal and La Roche-Posay sell, obviously — and minimizing the time spent, unprotected, in the sun can reduce these problems. L’Oréal considers the patches an important step in bringing about a behavioral change regarding overexposure to harmful rays.