The Biomega OKO Electric Bike
Strong frame, light weight, cool design and extremely comfortable ride.
•Unique and sleek design - with quality designed integration of cables and power assistance •The lightest commuter e-bike - under 20kg including fenders •Perfect balance - the center of gravity is perfectly centered in the middle of the bike •Weight and balance - it rides like a normal bike if you do not use the power assistance •Carbon frame and fork with integrated fenders •Integrated battery pack in top tube •250W e-bike - which means there is no permit or license plate etc. (350W for US market) •Autonomy - 40km depending on riding style and type of ride. •Engine integrated in front wheel hub, while wheel rear hub includes 2 speed automatic gears or 8 speed Alfine gears - key for this unmatched balance •26" wheels with 2.00 wide tires – puncture resistant and easy comfort and grip •Hydraulic disc brakes •Maintenance free belt drive •Top Speed: 25 km/h (20mph for us market) •Power assistance: 3 levels •Wh: 356Wh •Estimated range: 45km - 65 km (25 miles - 40 miles)