Sainsbury’s Cannock store is powered entirely by food waste alone.
At the end of the day, if a product on the shelf is not bought, they mark it down to a lower price for customers. Any food waste that suitable for charitable donations is collected by charity partners who come to the store to get it. If it is not ok for humans, certain products including bread go to make animal feed. Some stores also send fruit to feed the animals at safari parks. If it’s not suitable for any of that, it is picked up by the empty Sainsbury’s lorry that delivers the food to the store. By using the same lorry, they save carbon because Biffa don’t have to come to get food waste from every store. The same thing happens to remaining food waste collected from Sainsbury’s supermarkets around the UK using Sainsbury’s delivery lorries. That waste is picked up by a Biffa lorry from the depot and taken to the Biffa anaerobic digestion plant at Cannock, where it is broken down into bio methane gas to generate electricity. This electricity powers the supermarket, and the surp