SOLARI – Portable Hybrid Solar Cooker
A fuel-free, pollution-free cooking solution for the next billion people
Solari is a modern-day fuel-free, pollution-free hybrid solar cooker which provides an alternative to today’s inefficient, costly & health damaging method of open-fire cooking. With the world’s population projected to grow by 1 billion in the next 12 years, the energy infrastructure has not kept pace in many developing countries leaving already 2.7 billion to rely on wood, crop waste, dung to cook daily. Solari has taken the principles of the modest solar cooker & re-envisioned it for the future by making use of the latest insulating materials, optics & sensing technology. By converting sunlight directly into heat – meat/poultry/seafood/grains/rice is cooked ‘slow-cooker’ style to maximize nutrition & flavor, while a connected smartphone monitors the cooking process. On rainy days, Solari can be plugged into the wall as an electric cooker. Solari is a low cost, efficient & simple solution with the potential to impact the well-being of billions who are burdened by open-fire cooking.