Infinite Light
Infinite light is a waste reducing solar lamp that aims to enable light access in rural populace.
Infinite Light is a high quality and cost effective solar lamp that strives to answer the needs of lighting of poverty –stricken people. The kit provides light with solar panel and the batteries placed in PET bottles. Flexible solar panel rolled in the bottle collects sunlight that is stored in the batteries and later converted into energy. The part which gives the light out is attached at the bottom to the metal parts that also functions as the cover and supporter of the bottle. The metal wire at the top acts as handle, so the light can be moved around and hanged as well. Lighting unit does not require any infrastructure and it is a ready-to-use package that can be placed in a discarded plastic bottle. The durable product aims to enlighten homes through a sustainable, inexpensive design that reduces carbons emissions. Project is developed to create impact in the lives of people who are in great need of light for their daily activities, education of children, health and development.