NeoNook - Neonatal Infant Care
NeoNook is a care solution for preterm infants, providing a physiologically beneficial environment.
NeoNook is a ground-breaking care solution for preterm infants, providing both a physiologically beneficial environment and an improved system for providing breathing assistance. Preterm infants miss out on weeks or months of development in their mother’s womb, and spend much of their development time incubated and under stress. Many infants also require breathing assistance from Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) treatment, which can scar the infant, disrupt their recovery, and reduce the beneficial healing time in their parents’ arms. Inspired by ground-breaking neonatal research, NeoNook simulates the womb environment and provides the comforting, familiar biorhythms of the infant’s mother to reduce stress and assist recovery. The provision of CPAP is also improved, enhancing the airflow seal, reducing pressure on the face, and enabling easier cradling by parents during CPAP treatment.